iBall Router Login

iBall Router Login is the best household tech accessory brand in India. Started in 2001 iBall has contacted more than 100 million clients through, 5000 business partners, 1,00,000 working vendors & 500 plus service centers. iBall has today set its vision on acquiring India’s well-versed& tech-savvy consumers via online & contemporary marketing. iBall 2.0 focuses on the new Indian -updated, advanced & encouraged. They are ‘i’.

Steps included in the configuration of iBall Baton router

  • Set Up the iBall router.
  • Visit your configuration webpage of the iBall router.
  • Understand the username & password of your broadband.
  • Arranging the iBall router.

On the iBall router Configure Wireless settings

The wireless iBall baton router aids you in doing only that. It generates a Wi-Fi zone nearby facilitating you to gain a high-speed net without the trouble of cables. The MIMO equipment in the router backsimproved300mbps wireless broadcast speed. It offers 1 WAN port & 4 to10/100M LAN ports.

Setting Up the iBall router

Grab the Lanwire, that is commonly made available together with the modem & then introduce one of its head to the LAN port of the router now link another end of the wire to the Computer/Laptop. Besides connecting the phone wire to the WAN port of the router.

Though the DSL modem links the Ethernet wire into the WAN port in the router Attach the new Ethernet cable with one of the four holes in the router to the LAN port of your computer. Check the phone line is likewise attached to the DSL modem if it is detached, power adapter as well as the Ethernet link.

Capture192.168. 1.1 which is the most usual IP in iBall Baton routers into the address box of the web browser to retrieve the web-based user interface of the router. The iBall Baton router default username & password is admin.

How to alter the iBall admin password?

  • Firstly, login to the router with your login credentials.
  • If for the initial time you login the default IP will be &
  • Username is admin.
  • Password is admin.
  • Next visit maintenance > password
  • Now you may alter the default password

N 300I-Ball Wireless Router Repeater Mode Login

  • Immediately open the Web browser &input the & push the enter knob.
  • To login wifi router IBall baton Username password is “admin”.
  • Allow WDS – check box to authorize it.
  • Visit the I-Ball Repeater Password WI-Fi Settings.
  • Hit on the Save key

How to restrict the user numbers on the WIFI iBall router?

If you require limiting the user numbers on the wifi router then, you need three choices:

Firstly, restrict the DHCP lease begin & finish address that begins from 192.168.

Arrange the parental control if the Router supports it.

Upgrading the Internet Slab both Speed & FUP.

iBall 300M MIMO iB-WRB333N Wireless-N Broadband Router controls your Network bysuper-fastspeed300 Mbps. Simply download the heavy HDfilm, run your chosen videos, deal with a flawless effortless video call with your beloved one – without some buffering issues do it all.

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