Billion Electric Co. Ltd was launched in 1973 in Taiwan. They started their leading business by producing, designing, & delivering power supplies, power transformers, and other power-linked products. Today the business has grown & turn into one of the leading suppliers of power suppliers, energy management solutions, as well as networking tools in the Asian Pacific Encircle.

About Billion

Billion had proven its Communication segment and devoted to providing in the expansion of the next-generation networking tool hardware & Internet access gadgets for transporters, ISP, industrial & enterprise sectors.

For more than a decade Billion has been devoted to offering complete networking products range from VDSL2, 3G, ADSL2, 4G/LTE ADSL2+ to broadband routers. Their products are invented to allow the distributing of broadband access, video, voice & data in the business, home, & across the globe. However, networking technologies grow quicker than ever. Billion has kept up with the growth & rolled out numerous exceptional product lines besides built-in Firewall, WPA2, VPN, VoIP, also LTE 3G/4G plus numerous innovative features.

How to amend the password on your Billion router?

  • Go to Router Admin passkey alteration
  • Strike over ‘Advanced’
  • Hit Configurationation’
  • Strike over ‘System’
  • Strike on ‘User Management’
  • Record the old ‘Password
  • Enter the new ‘Password
  • Input ‘Password (Confirmation)’
  • Later hit on ‘Apply’
  • You must do the below steps to reset the Billion BiPAC 7800N to its default settings:
  • Set router for operation.
  • Strike Reset switch & hold for around 5 seconds.
  • The restarting of the machine is executed automatically.
  • To factory settings router is reset.

Billion routers Default settings

You will notice a combination of IP addresses, usernames plus passwords which are used most frequently as the default in Billion routers for accessing the user interface. Furthermore, you may see the normal settings of all existing router models from the producer on this website. You only must choose one of the makes.

Where to search for the model name of the router

The Billion routers model name is mostly written on a label on the gadget. In most situations, you may see this label on the backside or base of the router.

If you face any issues with the Billion brand router, simply contact them. They will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Final decision. If you desire to have a great performing, plain router, so the Billion BiPac 8900AX-2400 is simply worth your money. They especially suggest this to the public with an ADSL2+ net connection, as it may replace the current modem also.

Billion believes in the power of cutting-edge technologies which may expand a successful business & build a better- united world. Their business is in the fields of Communication, Networking, Power Supplies, safeguarding the stability of sustainable, seamless, manufacturing creations.

Billion is famous for its top-notch R&D & high customization competencies. From designing specifications & features to drawing product roadmaps, to evolving customization due to the hopes of the clients, their in-house R&D team is working closely with their clients to convert creativity into unrivaled technology innovation for both software & hardware.

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