An IP address is simply a way to organize PCs within the networks. So many IPs are there, & is one of them. With Internet Assigned Number Authority is registered as a part of the remote networks (IANA).

Manually it assigns you to some home networks. It could also be assigned to laptops, smartphones televisions, tabs, & several other gadgets. It is encoded in such an exclusive manner that the techniques that fall specifically in this network system, just get attached by the network system. This address is been used by devices like webcams, routers, or modems.

Access & log in to Admin panel

  • To continue using initially, you should open the administration panels. Below steps are compulsory to be obeyed to obtain the admin panel:
  • At the outset, on your laptop system open the web browser. It is recommended to use the web browser in the most recent form.
  • Next capture the link address in the browser’s address bar & hit enter.
  • Too completely load for admin panel wait for few seconds. Make certain that you’ve captured the proper IP address.
  • Now a web page opens. Capture the default usernames & password & hit enter.
  • If your login gets successful, a new window emerges that gives you entry to the interface of the router. Now you may modify the router default setting like security as well as network configurations.
  • Also, you can add new devices in the admin panel, modify your internet connection, and modify the network name.
  • Even you can test with the transmission rate & bandwidth & even you can check several gadgets attached to the router with admin panel
  • It is advisable to modify the default usernames & passwords of the router to keep away from any security hazards.

List of Brand Using

Below is the list of brands which is used by ip address


Default User and Password

Usually, router-making firms decide default usernames & passwords. Hence all routers, accompany a fixed set of usernames & passwords that you may modify in forthcoming if you need to do so. You will locate the login info of the router in the user booklet or the underneath or router back.

Can’t access Login Page

Even though login to the admin panel is extremely easy, however still, few users face troubles login into this panel. Various issues that the users may face are:

  • Connection problem
  • Poor Signal
  • Firmware bug
  • There are few steps that can avoid these issues. Few of them are:
  • Verify that you have a suitable Ethernet cable connectivity
  • Resetting the router
  • Also, Troubleshoot help

Additionally, the cable quality could be another cause for your problem. Also, verify whether the router lights are in a working state or not. You must also check your router’s all-over connection security.

How to Change the password of your router?

Change your router password is the simplest job. Besides, it is the most dangerous job we have done for safety reasons. To modify the passwords of the router follow simple & uncomplicated steps.
  • Go to the web browser & capture your IP address URL & password your recent username as well as password on the page shown & go to settings.
  • In settings, you could modify the router usernames & passwords easily without any effort.
  • Then, you could log in to your admin panel with no trouble using the latest usernames & passwords.
  • Still, if you have neglected the password & you are not capable of access to the admin panel, you should reset the router again to factory settings.
  • Reset the router eliminates all the old settings you have employed to it. Hence it may eliminate the username & password it has altered to, & once more you may log in by using the default usernames & passwords.


The IP address is a personal IP address therefore from outside the home users can’t attach to this network’s system which you could do in public IP addresses. This personal IP address may just use inside home network area systems. Moreover, confirm that the entered IP address is correct.