How to do a Ping Test on a Computer

Ping is the way to set up the Internet Protocol connection issue in the broadcast between 2 devices. Hence, a ping test will ascertain whether the device may reach another device on the network’s other end. Once you are certain that this communication is successful, now this test will focus on the time it took. A ping test wishes to presume whether a network connection may occur. It does not verify the net speed as the net speed tests do. It is just involved by the launch of the net connection.

How Ping Test Operates

Do you know about Internet Control Message Protocol or ICMP? This is what ping uses for bringing up requests & manage the responses. After you begin a ping test, the ICMP reminder is sent to a distantly positioned device from device. After the gadget gets the message, it seems like an ICMP ping appeal. then it will give back the needed response.

This conversation takes place within a specific timeline. This interval is called as the ping time.

How to Ping Networked Gadgets

Windows includes an operating system. This is where the ping tests could be completed from the ping order. The order Prompt is where this could be performed. It is integrated into Windows & is not something that requires installation. But you should know the IP address of the device you wish to ping for this to operate. It is even called the hostname.

For this process to smoothly run, keep away from using the Domain Name System. As an alternative, try using the IP address. If the IP address cannot be retrieved, the problem probably is with the DNS server & not the device. A ping test after Windows command into a wireless connecting gadget will always seem like ping, then the numbers displaying the IP address of the router will adhere to. Similarly, if a similar command is sent to a site with a selected hostname, ping will be shown first, followed by the hostname. If you must alter the ping command arrangement there are some adjustments, you might like to do.

Interpretation of the outcome of Ping Test

To know how to understand what you see on the ping test outcome, for analysis a sample after is available. The IP address is. It is what was verified. The size of the buffer is 32 bytes. It is instantly followed by the time it held for the reply to come. The outcomes differ with the quality of the net connection. If the net connection is great, the outcomes will be good than if the connection is bad. The suspension time will be below 100 ms, and several times being less than 30 ms after the net connection is great. Then again, if it is a net connection from the satellite, the interruption period might go past 500 ms.

Disadvantages of performing Ping Tests

The outcomes you receive after the ping test is for only that time. The least modification to the net connection will render the outcomes unusable. The outcomes will even be as different as servers the commands will be directed to. To receive the top results, the ping devices you use must be simple to manage. The commands must be led to the best servers & to those services you wish to analyze.


So, you did it! Ping test outcomes are as unsteady as your net connection. The outcomes will be only significant now you get them & not afterward.

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