Verizon is popular in the cell phone industry for delivering consistent service. It has got acknowledgment for its strong LTE connection & quality service. In addition to this, the establishment suggests a variety of accessories, for instance, a router, for net users. Their objective is to help their clients to boost their network connection. Below is a quick guide to the login of the Verizon router.

This article would certainly help you if you are one of those who have used their product. Mainly, it will take care of troubles on accessing the router account. They even offer an all-inclusive Router Login List guide for separate makes. Without more trouble, go down to read about the simplest ways to access the Verizon router.

Way to Access the Verizon Router Login

There are numerous reasons why you want to access the Verizon router account. It may be to alter the password else reset the settings into default mode. This job is easy plus simple. Simply ensure that the router is on then go to the below steps.

  1. Ensure that the device is attached to the net. You can attach your PC through a wireless/wired network.
  2. Access the browser & write the IP address of the router on the search box. Maximum Verizon router uses
  3. After you are done, a login screen appears. Write the account info on the provided space.

Note: If it is the first time to account opening, the default name is admin. Also, the passkey may be seen on the sticker on the router.

Reset the Verizon Router

Restore the modem into the default mode may be essential to fix few technical matters. But it does not just modify your allocated username & passkey but even scraps your home-based network settings. This indicates that you need to set up the home-based network another time. Stick to the below guide to know how to reset the Verizon router.

  1. Confirm that the modem is normally running. At the rear of the gadget, find the reset key.
  2. After you have set it, use a sharp end—may be a clip, paper toothpick, or pin—to press the key. Pressed on the key for around 15 or 20 seconds.
  3. Let go of the key & wait till the modem reboots & automatically opens. The settings then will be reset.
  4. Instantly, go to the Verizon router login webpage & enter the default name & password to open your account. You may even do a factory reset on additional routers

Default login with Verizon router

The default name must be admin. Also, for the passkey, you can find it at the base or backside of the device. Note down that for a few, the code might have been modified for the serial number. 


Understanding how Verizon router login functions do not need technical skill. If you abide by the given steps in the article, you will straightforwardly login into the modem & configure specific settings. Verizon Router proposes much more than only a simple speed enhancement.

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