Billion Electric Co. Ltd was launched in 1973 in Taiwan. They started their leading business by producing, designing, & delivering power supplies, power transformers, and other power-linked products. Today the business has grown & turn into one of the leading suppliers of power suppliers, energy management solutions, as well as networking tools in the Asian Pacific Encircle.

About Billion

Billion had proven its Communication segment and devoted to providing in the expansion of the next-generation networking tool hardware & Internet access gadgets for transporters, ISP, industrial & enterprise sectors.

For more than a decade Billion has been devoted to offering complete networking products range from VDSL2, 3G, ADSL2, 4G/LTE ADSL2+ to broadband routers. Their products are invented to allow the distributing of broadband access, video, voice & data in the business, home, & across the globe. However, networking technologies grow quicker than ever. Billion has kept up with the growth & rolled out numerous exceptional product lines besides built-in Firewall, WPA2, VPN, VoIP, also LTE 3G/4G plus numerous innovative features.

How to amend the password on your Billion router?

  • Go to Router Admin passkey alteration
  • Strike over ‘Advanced’
  • Hit Configurationation’
  • Strike over ‘System’
  • Strike on ‘User Management’
  • Record the old ‘Password
  • Enter the new ‘Password
  • Input ‘Password (Confirmation)’
  • Later hit on ‘Apply’
  • You must do the below steps to reset the Billion BiPAC 7800N to its default settings:
  • Set router for operation.
  • Strike Reset switch & hold for around 5 seconds.
  • The restarting of the machine is executed automatically.
  • To factory settings router is reset.

Billion routers Default settings

You will notice a combination of IP addresses, usernames plus passwords which are used most frequently as the default in Billion routers for accessing the user interface. Furthermore, you may see the normal settings of all existing router models from the producer on this website. You only must choose one of the makes.

Where to search for the model name of the router

The Billion routers model name is mostly written on a label on the gadget. In most situations, you may see this label on the backside or base of the router.

If you face any issues with the Billion brand router, simply contact them. They will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Final decision. If you desire to have a great performing, plain router, so the Billion BiPac 8900AX-2400 is simply worth your money. They especially suggest this to the public with an ADSL2+ net connection, as it may replace the current modem also.

Billion believes in the power of cutting-edge technologies which may expand a successful business & build a better- united world. Their business is in the fields of Communication, Networking, Power Supplies, safeguarding the stability of sustainable, seamless, manufacturing creations.

Billion is famous for its top-notch R&D & high customization competencies. From designing specifications & features to drawing product roadmaps, to evolving customization due to the hopes of the clients, their in-house R&D team is working closely with their clients to convert creativity into unrivaled technology innovation for both software & hardware.


Siemens has established specific features for usage in industrial surroundings that are facilitated with KEY-PLUGs or CLPs set in into the devices. These cool added functions may be simply set off as software – also afterward – on numerous IWLAN Access Points & User Modules. These added functions are apt for all industries & all types of applications.

Login Siemens Router

If you have a Siemens router and do not understand the way to login into the admin panel & perform basic modifications to it? If you are facing difficulty accessing the Siemens router, so you are at the right spot.

Below are the steps by which you will be easily login into your Siemens router & perform the modifications you easily want, still the foremost thing you require to know prior to you access the admin console of Siemens router as its default IP address.

Maximum of the time, the Siemens router default IP address is still occasionally if you face trouble login into the IP address of the Siemens router, you should attempt a login to,,, such IP addresses. There are few chances that such alternative IP addresses will function for you. Siemens pronounced its earliest 5G router for business applications.

Steps to login

  • To log in to the router is extremely easy, which we discuss below. If you wish to login into your router, yes, you should have the default IDs of the Siemens router.
  • At times, the router can simply take the default password & let you open their console for the foremost time. And after you logged into the console, you may set up the username & password of the Siemens router.
  • To log in to the Siemens router admin console is easy, & you simply need to go to the default IP address of the router by connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
  • The IP65-rated wireless router SCALANCE MUM856-1 supports 5G (Rel. 15) for both private & public networks. The machine that also supports present 3G & 4G (LTE) standards, maybe configured through Siemens’ SINEMA Distant Connect VPN management program. This product will be obtainable in 2021.
  • If you are using a standard model of router make, then the default IP address of your router is possibly in your case. “With the release of SCALANCE MUM856-1, Siemens is signaling that it plans to be an innovator in 5G technology for business applications.”
  • Since SCALANCE MUM856-1 even has 3G & 4G compatibility, clients can get started now with present 4G or 3G networks or may start proof-of-concept trials through 5G to see how & where 5G may be positioned in the future.
  • As 5G progresses over the coming few years, business users will have the opportunity to substitute cabled networks by wireless connections, up to & including real-time, closed-loop, control. Still, the highest value of 5G will be in the latest applications which enable, for example, increased & virtual reality in maintenance as well as training, plus more all-inclusive machines, in addition to process analytics.
  • In this manual, we have shared the router & how you may instantly login into the admin console of the router.


Way to Configure Netopia Router

A router is a nice way to establish an office or home network without need spending lots of money. If you boast a broadband net connection by way of an ISP, you may employ any router to get all the PCs in your office or home attached. If you chose Netopia as the router make of preference, you will need for configuring it to prepare the network workable.

Step 1

Switch on the Netopia router, computer & broadband modem. Go to the net browser. Input the router, IP address, into the address box. Strike “Enter” on the keyboard. Login into the Netopia router by the username plus password allotted to you by the ISP.

Step 2

Choose ” Specialist Mode.” Once recording expert mode, you can find menu bar on the topmost of the configuration screen. Hit on the tab “Home”. Numerous ISPs will send the Netopia router to preconfigure. If the fields preconfigured, for instance, IP address, default gateway & subnet mask will already be occupied. Go to the next step if the fields are not occupied.

Step 3

Hit on the tab “Configure”. choose “WAN.” choose “ATM.” Write the “VPI” as well as “VCI” numbers offered by your ISP. Select your encapsulation preference. For instance, “PPPOE,” Routed IP,” etc… hit “Submit.”

Step 4

On the left-hand side of the window of configuration Choose “WAN”. Select the option “VCC1”. Choose this alternative to “Enable Interface.” If you don’t have an IP address, select the alternative to ” Automatically Acquire an IP Address.” If have an IP address, uncheck the IP address automatic box.

Step 5

Write the IP address if known. Write subnet mask. This info may be acquired from your ISP. Choose the option “NAT” if you use your own remote IP address for the network connection. Hit on “Submit.”

Step 6

Choose “WAN” on the left-hand in the configuration window. Make sure that there is an assessment into the “Gateway Selection ” box & “IP Address” is chosen as the “Interface Kind.” Capture in the address “Default Gateway”. This could be attained from the ISP. Strike “Submit.”

Step 7

Choose the tab “Configure” at the topmost of the window. Choose “LAN.” Choose “Enable Interface.” Write in your router IP address & subnet mask. Hit “Submit.”

Hit on the caution symbol yellow color on the topmost right side of the window for saving all configuration alterations. Hit on “Save.” Re-start your PC for the modifications to become applicable.

Even though in early 2007 Motorola acquired Netopia, the establishment continues to market routers below the brand Netopia due to its name recognition & solid reputation amongst clients. If your workplace works on a Netopia router which you desire to use for sharing a DSL connection with 2 or additional PCs, configuring the device to offer Internet access on a network is comparatively straightforward & simple.


Verizon is popular in the cell phone industry for delivering consistent service. It has got acknowledgment for its strong LTE connection & quality service. In addition to this, the establishment suggests a variety of accessories, for instance, a router, for net users. Their objective is to help their clients to boost their network connection. Below is a quick guide to the login of the Verizon router.

This article would certainly help you if you are one of those who have used their product. Mainly, it will take care of troubles on accessing the router account. They even offer an all-inclusive Router Login List guide for separate makes. Without more trouble, go down to read about the simplest ways to access the Verizon router.

Way to Access the Verizon Router Login

There are numerous reasons why you want to access the Verizon router account. It may be to alter the password else reset the settings into default mode. This job is easy plus simple. Simply ensure that the router is on then go to the below steps.

  1. Ensure that the device is attached to the net. You can attach your PC through a wireless/wired network.
  2. Access the browser & write the IP address of the router on the search box. Maximum Verizon router uses
  3. After you are done, a login screen appears. Write the account info on the provided space.

Note: If it is the first time to account opening, the default name is admin. Also, the passkey may be seen on the sticker on the router.

Reset the Verizon Router

Restore the modem into the default mode may be essential to fix few technical matters. But it does not just modify your allocated username & passkey but even scraps your home-based network settings. This indicates that you need to set up the home-based network another time. Stick to the below guide to know how to reset the Verizon router.

  1. Confirm that the modem is normally running. At the rear of the gadget, find the reset key.
  2. After you have set it, use a sharp end—may be a clip, paper toothpick, or pin—to press the key. Pressed on the key for around 15 or 20 seconds.
  3. Let go of the key & wait till the modem reboots & automatically opens. The settings then will be reset.
  4. Instantly, go to the Verizon router login webpage & enter the default name & password to open your account. You may even do a factory reset on additional routers

Default login with Verizon router

The default name must be admin. Also, for the passkey, you can find it at the base or backside of the device. Note down that for a few, the code might have been modified for the serial number. 


Understanding how Verizon router login functions do not need technical skill. If you abide by the given steps in the article, you will straightforwardly login into the modem & configure specific settings. Verizon Router proposes much more than only a simple speed enhancement.


Login process for LogN Router

You must follow the steps for resetting the LogN HN-DR4PG into its default settings:

  1. Turn on the router
  2. Strike on the Factory Reset knob later holding it for a minimum of 20 seconds
  3. automatically the Device will restart
  4. Factory Default settings get restored

Automatically unit may get a reboot. After the power beam discontinues to blink, the unit must be reset & is set to use. To Reset the router will not reset the firmware into the previous version, still, it will modify all settings again to factory settings.

  • Router Security LogN HN-DR4PG
  • Modify LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID)

Renaming the LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID). Few LogN routers accompany the default names of the network (with the manufacturer name). Better recommended using a unique name since the default name needlessly recognizes the brand of the router, making it effortless for invaders to break in.

Changing LogN HN-DR4PG Default Password

For a hacker, it is simple to reveal the default password of the manufacturer for the router LogN HN-DR4PG & later use that passkey to access the wireless network. Hence, it is better to modify the administrator passkey for the router HN-DR4PG. After you are deciding on the new passkey, try to choose a complicated sequence of numerals & letters & attempt to prevent using a passkey that can be easily guessed.

LogN HN-DR4PG router MAC Address sorting

MAC sorting lets you restrict access to the router LogN HN-DR4PG. To allow this feature, join in the LogN HN-DR4PG router the twelve-characters MAC ID of all PC that will link to the network. Ensure to revise this info if you remove or add devices.

Stopping Broadcasting SSID in router HN-DR4PG

LogN HN-DR4PG router spreads the network ID Wi-Fi (the supposed SSID) to everybody. This might be altered at will through unchecking the resultant box into the settings. Now the network may not be thus simply hacked. But, as a settlement, you will need to write the SSID each time whenever you attach a device with the network. This move is not compulsory.

filtering MAC Address in router HN-DR4PG

MAC streaming lets you restrict access to router HN-DR4PG. To support this feature, join into the router HN-DR4PG the twelve-characters MAC ID of every PC which connects to the network. Ensure for updating this info if you remove or add devices.

Where to place the LogN HN-DR4PG router into the house

You would not consider this initially, still where you put the LogN HN-DR4PG even has a showing on the security.

Put the router HN-DR4PG as near as possible in the center of your home. The key advantage is that every room inside the home has the same access to the net. The next advantage is that you do not wish to have the signal range wireless reaching excessively outside your home, where it may be simply interrupted by cybercriminals.

Therefore, do not keep the router HN-DR4PG near to a window, as there is nothing to hinder the signal that goes outside your home.