Way to Configure Netopia Router

A router is a nice way to establish an office or home network without need spending lots of money. If you boast a broadband net connection by way of an ISP, you may employ any router to get all the PCs in your office or home attached. If you chose Netopia as the router make of preference, you will need for configuring it to prepare the network workable.

Step 1

Switch on the Netopia router, computer & broadband modem. Go to the net browser. Input the router, IP address, into the address box. Strike “Enter” on the keyboard. Login into the Netopia router by the username plus password allotted to you by the ISP.

Step 2

Choose ” Specialist Mode.” Once recording expert mode, you can find menu bar on the topmost of the configuration screen. Hit on the tab “Home”. Numerous ISPs will send the Netopia router to preconfigure. If the fields preconfigured, for instance, IP address, default gateway & subnet mask will already be occupied. Go to the next step if the fields are not occupied.

Step 3

Hit on the tab “Configure”. choose “WAN.” choose “ATM.” Write the “VPI” as well as “VCI” numbers offered by your ISP. Select your encapsulation preference. For instance, “PPPOE,” Routed IP,” etc… hit “Submit.”

Step 4

On the left-hand side of the window of configuration Choose “WAN”. Select the option “VCC1”. Choose this alternative to “Enable Interface.” If you don’t have an IP address, select the alternative to ” Automatically Acquire an IP Address.” If have an IP address, uncheck the IP address automatic box.

Step 5

Write the IP address if known. Write subnet mask. This info may be acquired from your ISP. Choose the option “NAT” if you use your own remote IP address for the network connection. Hit on “Submit.”

Step 6

Choose “WAN” on the left-hand in the configuration window. Make sure that there is an assessment into the “Gateway Selection ” box & “IP Address” is chosen as the “Interface Kind.” Capture in the address “Default Gateway”. This could be attained from the ISP. Strike “Submit.”

Step 7

Choose the tab “Configure” at the topmost of the window. Choose “LAN.” Choose “Enable Interface.” Write in your router IP address & subnet mask. Hit “Submit.”

Hit on the caution symbol yellow color on the topmost right side of the window for saving all configuration alterations. Hit on “Save.” Re-start your PC for the modifications to become applicable.

Even though in early 2007 Motorola acquired Netopia, the establishment continues to market routers below the brand Netopia due to its name recognition & solid reputation amongst clients. If your workplace works on a Netopia router which you desire to use for sharing a DSL connection with 2 or additional PCs, configuring the device to offer Internet access on a network is comparatively straightforward & simple.

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