Best 8 ASUS Routers in 2021

What to Seek in the ASUS Router?

Customers get the top router which will safeguard each router in series. It may either offer your entire household through a Wi-Fi link or however, can reach all corners of your house. As a potential customer in search of the router, take a nearer seem at the below list. About the speed, be informed on the range & if the router will receive & send messages instantly without any disruptions. Particularly in video streaming & gaming, speed is important, each move must be without holdup. The final thing that potential customers require doing to explore all router’s underlined characteristics including pack. You may do this via verifying its in-built firewalls, cell phone to get access, & other essential features. Routers may be in total command of the Wi-Fi.

Dual-Band Blue Cave Wireless ASUS Router – Top Designs

The features of router ASUS Blue Cave a small & clear-cut controlling of your house through voice commands. Through such links to smart house, it is driven with Asus AiProtection wherein avoids outside threats that might jeopardize your network privacy.

To include extra safety measures to a cutting-down arrangement by a downloadable function. Blue cave contains a speed of around 2.6 Gbps since the 5GHz & 2.4 GHz team up to comprise the 128 gadgets simultaneously. In addition, parents may begin an advanced procedure from cell phone apps & keep their kids away from threats.


ASUS SRT – AC1900’s customers are mainly individuals who believe the router’s performance or how it may perform before buying it. Asus verifies that functionality & appearances can co-occur. Once the Aerials were king in everybody’s life, but as Asus designed this router, now these have an added meaningful influence. Asus on center uses software to receive the Wi-Fi signal directly towards devices. It shows that you do not require to worry any longer about aerial placement as 4GB storage receives the software spontaneously & it is updated always.

ASUS RT-AC68U – Top Value

Router ASUS RT-AC68U is vast in its function and, as well as its rate. Its features are 802. 11ac 3×3 tech. 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz are varied, combine its function ready for the 1.9GHz speed. It has been set up with app of Asus Smartphones or into its Asus

in a moment WRT web interface, get fresh customer to be connected to their house network. It even makes sure more than adequate energy to get enjoyable audio & video flooding at the house. Asus GT-AX11000 – Top Binge


The GT-AX11000 Asus router is quite innovative & better technology from this instant. It focuses on the players which have the greatest in-demand requirements. The router is complete as it functions the renewed technologies Wi-Fi 6 & mixes up the output of around 10Gbps. An essential buy Asus GT-AX11000 due to its features which addresses also projected requirements. It just carries the 802. 11AC wherein the Wi-Fi 5 includes a standby power, exhibited through the MU-MIMO & beamforming licenses to carry the basic 5GHz operation with a split bandwidth. This part decreases the traffic of the network. Therefore, it offers secure & safe web browsing & takes additional routers Asus to establish an interlinking system.

Top Range ASUS RT-AC86U

Router ASUS RT-AC86U includes an extra 120% more to involve the previous edition of routers. Individuals who are affectionate with hardware such as routers Asus will consent to which it is the top working router. Formerly, the buying cost is defended as it has a Wi-Fi dual-band which has productivity of 2.9 Gbps speed, that means it provides to the whole house.

It helps in maintaining the force of MU-MIMO tech & direct to a specific bandwidth of gadgets, thus boosting its procedures. The setup & router management is easily controlled with Asus downloadable app & lets you oversee the traffic of the network, as well as its parental controls.


Router ASUS ROG GT-AC5300 is mainly produced for players. It comprises a Wi-Fi system of tri-band which provides a dual 5GHz bandwidth through a separate 2.4 GHz band combined with the highest productivity of 5,334 Mbps. It even comes by MU-MIMO & beamforming tech which guarantees user devices acquire anytime complete production. The one thing which distinguishes the ASUS GT-AC5300 with the additional Asus router is that it offers for Gamers Personal Network (GPN) to improve the connectivity of the network for gaming online.

Your normal net traffic is secure & remote for players. Game enhancing is some of the characteristics of a router within the ROG game console, that adds additional players. If the ASUS GT-AC5300 speed is not adequate for the real requirements, then its additional features such as its Ethernet ports may significantly help & can let you keep & share data all over the network.

Asus RT-AC3200

Internet speed is important for being on the hunt for progressively better. The top router for this category is Asus RT-AC3200 as it offers a combined speed of 2.6GHz over dual bandwidths of 5GHz, plus around the speed of 600Mbps of into the 2.4GHz bandwidth.

You may control the highest speed instantly through the 4K flooding & online gaming. The three or 3T3R transmit, 3 get, & beamforming aerials help in having a more brilliant quality of Wi-Fi range & signal which nearly touch all over the place on an average or also bigger -sized homes

Additionally, router Asus RT-AC3200 connects to superior equipment with the router, authorizing it to function all traffic over the net on both 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz bands. Extras such as AiProtection as of Micro development & Asus AiCloud access an improved protection level. For the data, cloud synchronizing is possible during any permitted -internet gadget. Android & iOS cell phones transmit data plus the usage of 3.0 USB.

Asus RT-AC88U

Router Asus RT-AC88U is one of the firm’s top famous routers, which makes it the best choice amongst numerous. It is combined with a solid network which functions sophisticated & okay characteristics at a reasonably priced. It has a dual-core 4GHz CPU & tech 1024-QAM. It lets for 802.11AC speed of 2.1 Gbps on the 5,000 sq. feet area. Due to the tech MU-MIMO, several devices can get the benefit of great speeds minus slowing the other.

The normal type of Asus router may obtain AiProtection driven with Micro development. It may help to keep the network safe from unsafe software. Besides, it has strong parental controls & is proficient in warning you of additional network issues. 8 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are placed at the backside & suggest the competence to construct additional PC functions & support the players to run the house router. Therefore, this helps in saving them from requiring linking a splitting switch & hub.

Google’s Internet Protocol Addresses

Maximum of us benefit from Google services. You may get access to their services from nearly any place on the globe. It is one of the biggest firms which maximum net users surf through. Several IP addresses may be attributed to the firm with the people.

What is an IP Address?

An IP Address is a numeral that recognizes a device or device on the network. All networked devices will have their numeral which is especially their own. They support internet explorations & in retrieving Google’s DNS or System servers of Domain Name. Several websites use separate servers to support the several searches led through their gateways. Google is no exemption.

Google IP Addresses

You will understand that just some addresses may be useful at unusual times. It is since Google announces its website’s server network in a different way each time. It is the motive why at times, the addresses might work, & at other times the similar address might fail to work. There are community IP addresses recorded by Google. Next, they have a list of the present IP version, IP version 6, else IPv6. This IP even follows the net flow. Once more, it chooses the gadget on a network, as per its position to the closest server.

In the previous IP address version, the set of numerals is split up by period marks & a dash. For instance, – In the newest version, the series of numerals are split up by hyphen & colon marks. They even have a little small covered serial letters in the combination, dominated with “f.”

By any probability which any of the Internet Protocol addresses offers you outcomes that you like, it will be acceptable to keep it for later reference. IP addresses of Google are not arranged in stone. The firm is called to sell them and purchase additional of them. Everything depends on how the firm decides to work.

Such DNS IP addresses are also. The key DNS address is, & the lesser DNS address is They are owned by Public Domain Google Name System. The firm has permitted searches to make these addresses from planned points in the globe where DNS servers are positioned.

Googlebot IP Addresses

Few web creeps include Google’s IP addresses, & after the show in their domains, web admins like taking note of such visits. The firm has not broadcasted any addresses with the selected name. But, they have advised ways of locating addresses attributed to Googlebot. Also, the ones you receive from lookups get varying. Therefore, they cannot be stated as such.


Each time you search a Google IP address, you will not be confident that you will come through. They modify as much as the firm’s plans alter. They may be sold at a notification, & new ones may be purchased to take their position. It goes for the firm’s creeps too. The single addresses which remain very much the same are the Domain Name Google System Internet Protocol addresses. They have continued the same till date. Domain Name System (DNS) of google IP Addresses.

What Are the Key VPN Services?

In the last 10 years, the VPN market has observed a few noteworthy changes & growths. These modifications are an outcome of several firms coming to include technology & heavily rely on the net for communications. Likewise, the design of VPN products & services which are proposed by maximum vendors even continues to grow.

This growing trend has made firms that require protection for their networks to get puzzled on which brand of VPN services to select & which is & is not a VPN, which VPNs do & do not do. Towards the end of this editorial, we must have helped in reducing the slip-up for VPN clients. We even hope to help VPN vendors in explaining their services in a helpful manner.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network, an abbreviation for VPN is a remote data network. It makes usage of community telecommunication infrastructure thus maintaining secrecy via the use of a tunneling protocol & security processes. The principal aim of a VPN is to recommend the firm similar capacities as personal leased lines, though, at an inexpensive price by making use of communal public infrastructure. A VPN even makes it likely to have a similar safe sharing of shared resources in support of data.

Nowadays, a maximum of firms is using a VPN for both wide-area intranets & extranets. At present, there are 3 necessary kinds of VPN services: reliable VPNs, protected VPNs, plus hybrid VPNs. It is vital to note that there is no specific connection between safe VPNs & reliable VPNs. In contrast, it is usual to find the two co-presented in one service set.

Long ago, a VPN used to be made of a few circuits rented from a communications supplier. Here, all rented channel used to work as a single wire into a network which was managed by the client. The communications specialist would even help to manage the client’s network if necessary be, still the original design was for a client to know how to use these rented circuits in the same manner they used physical lines into the local network.

The main reason why firms select to use safe VPNs is to allow them to communicate confidential data on the Internet without having to fuss about spying from third parties. Whatsoever data which you will move over a safe VPN, that data is encoded to such a level that even if an intermediary seized a copy of the traffic, they might not study it. It does not signify the type of PCs they used; they will not know how to read it! Besides, a safe VPN offers the firm the confidence which a hacker cannot intrude with the contents of their broadcasts by changing the value of fiscal transactions.

Trustworthy VPNs

Then again, other firms can even select to use trustworthy VPNs. These firms do so mostly do so since they want to ensure that their Internet Service Provider is transmitting their data on a set of paths by few specific properties & just one or a trustworthy association of ISP controlling their data. This selection of VPN service lets the user use their personal IP addressing plans. They even have an opportunity of controlling their routing.

A trustworthy VPN reader believes that the service will maintain the pathways as per a pre-stated contract. Also, attackers & hackers cannot either modify the methods of any VPN part or include traffic on the VPN unkindly. It is vital to note that it may be unfeasible for a client to precisely knows the pathways used by trustworthy VPNs. Authorizing that a trustworthy VPN is in the position may even be unfeasible. The only method to understand it would be to trust in their Internet Service Provider.

Hybrid VPNs

Due to differences in weaknesses & strengths of secure & trusted VPNs, hybrid VPNs have arisen to work as a balance between Trusted & Secure VPNs too. Though, the list of situations where they may be used effectually is still a working procedure. An easy situation where you may use a hybrid VPN is after a firm already has a trustworthy VPN connected, & the firm also requires security on few parts of the VPN. Fortunately, enough, none of the usual trustworthy VPN services avoid the formation of hybrid VPNs. Few companies make systems that just support the formation of hybrid VPN services.

Wants for VPNs

A vital clause that is common to all the 3 VPN services is that the VPN admin must know the amount of the VPN. It does not matter the kind of VPN you use; a VPN is supposed to have competencies that the “standard” network does not have. It is therefore that the VPN admin should know what data will & will not be in the VPN each time. Each VPN service has added needs.

Safe VPN needs

Every traffic stopping at a safe VPN should be authenticated & encrypted. Several protocols used to generate safe VPNs let for the formation of VPNs that have verification still no encoding. In such a network is safer than one with no verification, it cannot be considered as a VPN since there is no confidentiality. VPN safekeeping properties should be settled by all parties included in the VPN. No intermediary user may impact the safety properties of the VPN. It must not be workable for a hacker to modify the safety properties of any segment of a VPN.

Trustworthy VPN needs

The vital necessity here is that no intermediary may impact the modification or creation of a path into the VPN. Likewise, the addressing & routing used in a reliable VPN service should be started by the user prior to making the VPN. The user requires to understand what he requires to do & what the Internet Service Provider does. This information helps in preserving the network which they are buying.

Hybrid VPN needs

The only terrific condition is that the address limitations of the safe VPN within the trustworthy VPN require to be clear in hybrid VPN.

How to Get Internet without a Cable or Phone?

Removing of cables & cords is not forever the solution if troubles strike. A lot of individuals are applying additional efforts to make income. Numerous homes are trying to find innovative & imaginative methods to prevent spending too much. To guide decrease expenses & as technology grows, there are numerous methods to rent the services of a high-speed net supplier without them compelling you to pay damages for the phone’s services and cables. Therefore, fear no more.

Ways to Find the Internet without Phone or Cable Line

If still, you are unsure what net provider you will help, you must know who amongst the net providers provides the top net connection. Many popular names such as Comcast, AT&T, or Time Warner & the local suppliers or the DSL service resellers are the ones to think about.

You must request for info & details from any of such net Service Providers, for instance, their initial deals & repayment upon exchanging services. It is an outstanding option to conduct or show a speed test on the net. As a potential user, you require to know how quick your present net speed is & what is essential while cord-cutting.

To begin, you require to do the below:

  • Notice which offers a quicker internet based upon the location. You require to hunt for an ISP.
  • Call those establishments which offer the net in your area & find what additional services they provide.
  • Compare their proposition to the present provider & realize their differences.

Do not neglect to enquire about the tools & installation fees. Everybody does not like an extra charge on their monthly bills once they connect. The most key thing is to have little spare time to think carefully by comparison what firm or ISP you will gain.

Comparison of Internet Service Fees

More popular telecommunication firms are notorious for overpricing users for their main tools & services. They are also recognized for causing dishonesty to users by hiding any loopholes & ambiguities in their contract, declaring that somewhat is free but then another time not. Prior to endorsing a contract, you should request about the whole thing you do not understand since once the agreement has been endorsed, there is no returning back. Finally, you might be charged for violation of the contract. Endorsing a contract by attaching your sign means that you have read the contract fully. Therefore, it would be good if you opt for the ISP which serves the top connection.

Below are few questions which you might consider:

  • What is their existing data volume, if any? What will occur if the monthly data surpasses?
  • What internet speed they can offer?
  • Is the connection trustworthy?
  • If in your area there is a satellite, does your land location affect the satellite’s signal? As to the contract, is there any time length to finish the agreement? If dismissing at the quickest time, are there any costs?
  • If there any additional costs?
  • Is it likely that the price agreed will rise after the initial period?
  • How quickly does my net require to be?

The speed is the controlling element if you are trying to gain such. Choosing the best ISP, apart from its cost, is essential. At times, the quicker the net, the better. Still, in some way, it is not always viable. Numerous households frequently do not require to get a high net speed connection for their normal living. If you use just the net for playing online games, for video or audio flooding, it is needless to have a quicker or rapid connection.

Only a reasonable high-speed connection will work. On the other hand, if you are just doing web surfing or simply going through email, a less speed connection might be fine. Based upon your land location, if the high-speed net is not available, you will understand it from the details. If you simply wish to do video flooding & know that the speed could be less than 5 Mbps, it is almost certainly adequate to flood on only Netflix.

Normally, speedier net connections are costly. Therefore, prior to choosing which internet supplier you will take you to require to understand your requirements. You should pay attention that the market speeds which are usually being supported do not normally match their real charges. It could be better to request the ISP if they may do an in-house test prior to signing the assessment contract.

What to purchase a Router or Modem?

Homes frequently lack a modem or additional specific tools for a net connection. ISP may certainly provide good speed. But, fixed to it is an extra charge. Few of the ISPs take an extra charge that ranges from 15$ to 20$ every month only to lease out modems & routers as well as their normal monthly fee.

Some years after, soon you will understand that it will price you too much to total it up. For you to have a reduced monthly price, you better purchase your own modem or router. With that, you may even easily switch up operatives or ISPs. Prior to buying a fresh modem or router, check any ISP to discover what type of modem they provide. Do not keep any nervousness on your part to get good net access, while there are techniques that you may have a speedier connection that prices you less.

In the Rural Area finding net Service

Several homes in the U.S yet do not have additional options available to them, especially in a countryside location. 50 percent of Americans living in a countryside area have lesser accessibility on internet wideband. This actuality is due to geographical & economic problems. It is not comfortable for them to install or build the desired wideband infrastructure. Few firms for instance WildBlue & HughesNet try to offer satellites in the countryside regions, still satellites are yet not available in these locales. These needs extended drawn out dealing out to apply, that is tough since the annual budget is inadequate. Google even offers a Loon plan for high-speed net which can reach the countryside region, still this stay in the pipeline at present. Hence, countryside areas have restricted choices.

What if I require a Local Phone?

There is a technology known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the aim of which is to connect the phone to the net. It lets you use gadget same as landline phones. There is no necessity to cut the cable & you modify just to a net plan. There are various VoIP suppliers but just few of them might have better deals.

A great illustration is the Skype application in which the subscription may either be with your PC or cell phone. You may get calls & messages on both the devices. Instead, VoIP suppliers for example Ooma & Vonage help you in using real home phone receivers. Like by any service supplier, you should do you investigate or discover options prior obligating. Signing an agreement may end your nervousness but ensure to select sensibly.

How to do a Ping Test on a Computer

Ping is the way to set up the Internet Protocol connection issue in the broadcast between 2 devices. Hence, a ping test will ascertain whether the device may reach another device on the network’s other end. Once you are certain that this communication is successful, now this test will focus on the time it took. A ping test wishes to presume whether a network connection may occur. It does not verify the net speed as the net speed tests do. It is just involved by the launch of the net connection.

How Ping Test Operates

Do you know about Internet Control Message Protocol or ICMP? This is what ping uses for bringing up requests & manage the responses. After you begin a ping test, the ICMP reminder is sent to a distantly positioned device from device. After the gadget gets the message, it seems like an ICMP ping appeal. then it will give back the needed response.

This conversation takes place within a specific timeline. This interval is called as the ping time.

How to Ping Networked Gadgets

Windows includes an operating system. This is where the ping tests could be completed from the ping order. The order Prompt is where this could be performed. It is integrated into Windows & is not something that requires installation. But you should know the IP address of the device you wish to ping for this to operate. It is even called the hostname.

For this process to smoothly run, keep away from using the Domain Name System. As an alternative, try using the IP address. If the IP address cannot be retrieved, the problem probably is with the DNS server & not the device. A ping test after Windows command into a wireless connecting gadget will always seem like ping, then the numbers displaying the IP address of the router will adhere to. Similarly, if a similar command is sent to a site with a selected hostname, ping will be shown first, followed by the hostname. If you must alter the ping command arrangement there are some adjustments, you might like to do.

Interpretation of the outcome of Ping Test

To know how to understand what you see on the ping test outcome, for analysis a sample after is available. The IP address is. It is what was verified. The size of the buffer is 32 bytes. It is instantly followed by the time it held for the reply to come. The outcomes differ with the quality of the net connection. If the net connection is great, the outcomes will be good than if the connection is bad. The suspension time will be below 100 ms, and several times being less than 30 ms after the net connection is great. Then again, if it is a net connection from the satellite, the interruption period might go past 500 ms.

Disadvantages of performing Ping Tests

The outcomes you receive after the ping test is for only that time. The least modification to the net connection will render the outcomes unusable. The outcomes will even be as different as servers the commands will be directed to. To receive the top results, the ping devices you use must be simple to manage. The commands must be led to the best servers & to those services you wish to analyze.


So, you did it! Ping test outcomes are as unsteady as your net connection. The outcomes will be only significant now you get them & not afterward.


Billion Electric Co. Ltd was launched in 1973 in Taiwan. They started their leading business by producing, designing, & delivering power supplies, power transformers, and other power-linked products. Today the business has grown & turn into one of the leading suppliers of power suppliers, energy management solutions, as well as networking tools in the Asian Pacific Encircle.

About Billion

Billion had proven its Communication segment and devoted to providing in the expansion of the next-generation networking tool hardware & Internet access gadgets for transporters, ISP, industrial & enterprise sectors.

For more than a decade Billion has been devoted to offering complete networking products range from VDSL2, 3G, ADSL2, 4G/LTE ADSL2+ to broadband routers. Their products are invented to allow the distributing of broadband access, video, voice & data in the business, home, & across the globe. However, networking technologies grow quicker than ever. Billion has kept up with the growth & rolled out numerous exceptional product lines besides built-in Firewall, WPA2, VPN, VoIP, also LTE 3G/4G plus numerous innovative features.

How to amend the password on your Billion router?

  • Go to Router Admin passkey alteration
  • Strike over ‘Advanced’
  • Hit Configurationation’
  • Strike over ‘System’
  • Strike on ‘User Management’
  • Record the old ‘Password
  • Enter the new ‘Password
  • Input ‘Password (Confirmation)’
  • Later hit on ‘Apply’
  • You must do the below steps to reset the Billion BiPAC 7800N to its default settings:
  • Set router for operation.
  • Strike Reset switch & hold for around 5 seconds.
  • The restarting of the machine is executed automatically.
  • To factory settings router is reset.

Billion routers Default settings

You will notice a combination of IP addresses, usernames plus passwords which are used most frequently as the default in Billion routers for accessing the user interface. Furthermore, you may see the normal settings of all existing router models from the producer on this website. You only must choose one of the makes.

Where to search for the model name of the router

The Billion routers model name is mostly written on a label on the gadget. In most situations, you may see this label on the backside or base of the router.

If you face any issues with the Billion brand router, simply contact them. They will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Final decision. If you desire to have a great performing, plain router, so the Billion BiPac 8900AX-2400 is simply worth your money. They especially suggest this to the public with an ADSL2+ net connection, as it may replace the current modem also.

Billion believes in the power of cutting-edge technologies which may expand a successful business & build a better- united world. Their business is in the fields of Communication, Networking, Power Supplies, safeguarding the stability of sustainable, seamless, manufacturing creations.

Billion is famous for its top-notch R&D & high customization competencies. From designing specifications & features to drawing product roadmaps, to evolving customization due to the hopes of the clients, their in-house R&D team is working closely with their clients to convert creativity into unrivaled technology innovation for both software & hardware.


Siemens has established specific features for usage in industrial surroundings that are facilitated with KEY-PLUGs or CLPs set in into the devices. These cool added functions may be simply set off as software – also afterward – on numerous IWLAN Access Points & User Modules. These added functions are apt for all industries & all types of applications.

Login Siemens Router

If you have a Siemens router and do not understand the way to login into the admin panel & perform basic modifications to it? If you are facing difficulty accessing the Siemens router, so you are at the right spot.

Below are the steps by which you will be easily login into your Siemens router & perform the modifications you easily want, still the foremost thing you require to know prior to you access the admin console of Siemens router as its default IP address.

Maximum of the time, the Siemens router default IP address is still occasionally if you face trouble login into the IP address of the Siemens router, you should attempt a login to,,, such IP addresses. There are few chances that such alternative IP addresses will function for you. Siemens pronounced its earliest 5G router for business applications.

Steps to login

  • To log in to the router is extremely easy, which we discuss below. If you wish to login into your router, yes, you should have the default IDs of the Siemens router.
  • At times, the router can simply take the default password & let you open their console for the foremost time. And after you logged into the console, you may set up the username & password of the Siemens router.
  • To log in to the Siemens router admin console is easy, & you simply need to go to the default IP address of the router by connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
  • The IP65-rated wireless router SCALANCE MUM856-1 supports 5G (Rel. 15) for both private & public networks. The machine that also supports present 3G & 4G (LTE) standards, maybe configured through Siemens’ SINEMA Distant Connect VPN management program. This product will be obtainable in 2021.
  • If you are using a standard model of router make, then the default IP address of your router is possibly in your case. “With the release of SCALANCE MUM856-1, Siemens is signaling that it plans to be an innovator in 5G technology for business applications.”
  • Since SCALANCE MUM856-1 even has 3G & 4G compatibility, clients can get started now with present 4G or 3G networks or may start proof-of-concept trials through 5G to see how & where 5G may be positioned in the future.
  • As 5G progresses over the coming few years, business users will have the opportunity to substitute cabled networks by wireless connections, up to & including real-time, closed-loop, control. Still, the highest value of 5G will be in the latest applications which enable, for example, increased & virtual reality in maintenance as well as training, plus more all-inclusive machines, in addition to process analytics.
  • In this manual, we have shared the router & how you may instantly login into the admin console of the router.


Way to Configure Netopia Router

A router is a nice way to establish an office or home network without need spending lots of money. If you boast a broadband net connection by way of an ISP, you may employ any router to get all the PCs in your office or home attached. If you chose Netopia as the router make of preference, you will need for configuring it to prepare the network workable.

Step 1

Switch on the Netopia router, computer & broadband modem. Go to the net browser. Input the router, IP address, into the address box. Strike “Enter” on the keyboard. Login into the Netopia router by the username plus password allotted to you by the ISP.

Step 2

Choose ” Specialist Mode.” Once recording expert mode, you can find menu bar on the topmost of the configuration screen. Hit on the tab “Home”. Numerous ISPs will send the Netopia router to preconfigure. If the fields preconfigured, for instance, IP address, default gateway & subnet mask will already be occupied. Go to the next step if the fields are not occupied.

Step 3

Hit on the tab “Configure”. choose “WAN.” choose “ATM.” Write the “VPI” as well as “VCI” numbers offered by your ISP. Select your encapsulation preference. For instance, “PPPOE,” Routed IP,” etc… hit “Submit.”

Step 4

On the left-hand side of the window of configuration Choose “WAN”. Select the option “VCC1”. Choose this alternative to “Enable Interface.” If you don’t have an IP address, select the alternative to ” Automatically Acquire an IP Address.” If have an IP address, uncheck the IP address automatic box.

Step 5

Write the IP address if known. Write subnet mask. This info may be acquired from your ISP. Choose the option “NAT” if you use your own remote IP address for the network connection. Hit on “Submit.”

Step 6

Choose “WAN” on the left-hand in the configuration window. Make sure that there is an assessment into the “Gateway Selection ” box & “IP Address” is chosen as the “Interface Kind.” Capture in the address “Default Gateway”. This could be attained from the ISP. Strike “Submit.”

Step 7

Choose the tab “Configure” at the topmost of the window. Choose “LAN.” Choose “Enable Interface.” Write in your router IP address & subnet mask. Hit “Submit.”

Hit on the caution symbol yellow color on the topmost right side of the window for saving all configuration alterations. Hit on “Save.” Re-start your PC for the modifications to become applicable.

Even though in early 2007 Motorola acquired Netopia, the establishment continues to market routers below the brand Netopia due to its name recognition & solid reputation amongst clients. If your workplace works on a Netopia router which you desire to use for sharing a DSL connection with 2 or additional PCs, configuring the device to offer Internet access on a network is comparatively straightforward & simple.


Verizon is popular in the cell phone industry for delivering consistent service. It has got acknowledgment for its strong LTE connection & quality service. In addition to this, the establishment suggests a variety of accessories, for instance, a router, for net users. Their objective is to help their clients to boost their network connection. Below is a quick guide to the login of the Verizon router.

This article would certainly help you if you are one of those who have used their product. Mainly, it will take care of troubles on accessing the router account. They even offer an all-inclusive Router Login List guide for separate makes. Without more trouble, go down to read about the simplest ways to access the Verizon router.

Way to Access the Verizon Router Login

There are numerous reasons why you want to access the Verizon router account. It may be to alter the password else reset the settings into default mode. This job is easy plus simple. Simply ensure that the router is on then go to the below steps.

  1. Ensure that the device is attached to the net. You can attach your PC through a wireless/wired network.
  2. Access the browser & write the IP address of the router on the search box. Maximum Verizon router uses
  3. After you are done, a login screen appears. Write the account info on the provided space.

Note: If it is the first time to account opening, the default name is admin. Also, the passkey may be seen on the sticker on the router.

Reset the Verizon Router

Restore the modem into the default mode may be essential to fix few technical matters. But it does not just modify your allocated username & passkey but even scraps your home-based network settings. This indicates that you need to set up the home-based network another time. Stick to the below guide to know how to reset the Verizon router.

  1. Confirm that the modem is normally running. At the rear of the gadget, find the reset key.
  2. After you have set it, use a sharp end—may be a clip, paper toothpick, or pin—to press the key. Pressed on the key for around 15 or 20 seconds.
  3. Let go of the key & wait till the modem reboots & automatically opens. The settings then will be reset.
  4. Instantly, go to the Verizon router login webpage & enter the default name & password to open your account. You may even do a factory reset on additional routers

Default login with Verizon router

The default name must be admin. Also, for the passkey, you can find it at the base or backside of the device. Note down that for a few, the code might have been modified for the serial number. 


Understanding how Verizon router login functions do not need technical skill. If you abide by the given steps in the article, you will straightforwardly login into the modem & configure specific settings. Verizon Router proposes much more than only a simple speed enhancement.


Login process for LogN Router

You must follow the steps for resetting the LogN HN-DR4PG into its default settings:

  1. Turn on the router
  2. Strike on the Factory Reset knob later holding it for a minimum of 20 seconds
  3. automatically the Device will restart
  4. Factory Default settings get restored

Automatically unit may get a reboot. After the power beam discontinues to blink, the unit must be reset & is set to use. To Reset the router will not reset the firmware into the previous version, still, it will modify all settings again to factory settings.

  • Router Security LogN HN-DR4PG
  • Modify LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID)

Renaming the LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID). Few LogN routers accompany the default names of the network (with the manufacturer name). Better recommended using a unique name since the default name needlessly recognizes the brand of the router, making it effortless for invaders to break in.

Changing LogN HN-DR4PG Default Password

For a hacker, it is simple to reveal the default password of the manufacturer for the router LogN HN-DR4PG & later use that passkey to access the wireless network. Hence, it is better to modify the administrator passkey for the router HN-DR4PG. After you are deciding on the new passkey, try to choose a complicated sequence of numerals & letters & attempt to prevent using a passkey that can be easily guessed.

LogN HN-DR4PG router MAC Address sorting

MAC sorting lets you restrict access to the router LogN HN-DR4PG. To allow this feature, join in the LogN HN-DR4PG router the twelve-characters MAC ID of all PC that will link to the network. Ensure to revise this info if you remove or add devices.

Stopping Broadcasting SSID in router HN-DR4PG

LogN HN-DR4PG router spreads the network ID Wi-Fi (the supposed SSID) to everybody. This might be altered at will through unchecking the resultant box into the settings. Now the network may not be thus simply hacked. But, as a settlement, you will need to write the SSID each time whenever you attach a device with the network. This move is not compulsory.

filtering MAC Address in router HN-DR4PG

MAC streaming lets you restrict access to router HN-DR4PG. To support this feature, join into the router HN-DR4PG the twelve-characters MAC ID of every PC which connects to the network. Ensure for updating this info if you remove or add devices.

Where to place the LogN HN-DR4PG router into the house

You would not consider this initially, still where you put the LogN HN-DR4PG even has a showing on the security.

Put the router HN-DR4PG as near as possible in the center of your home. The key advantage is that every room inside the home has the same access to the net. The next advantage is that you do not wish to have the signal range wireless reaching excessively outside your home, where it may be simply interrupted by cybercriminals.

Therefore, do not keep the router HN-DR4PG near to a window, as there is nothing to hinder the signal that goes outside your home.