Login process for LogN Router

You must follow the steps for resetting the LogN HN-DR4PG into its default settings:

  1. Turn on the router
  2. Strike on the Factory Reset knob later holding it for a minimum of 20 seconds
  3. automatically the Device will restart
  4. Factory Default settings get restored

Automatically unit may get a reboot. After the power beam discontinues to blink, the unit must be reset & is set to use. To Reset the router will not reset the firmware into the previous version, still, it will modify all settings again to factory settings.

  • Router Security LogN HN-DR4PG
  • Modify LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID)

Renaming the LogN HN-DR4PG Default Wi-Fi Name (SSID). Few LogN routers accompany the default names of the network (with the manufacturer name). Better recommended using a unique name since the default name needlessly recognizes the brand of the router, making it effortless for invaders to break in.

Changing LogN HN-DR4PG Default Password

For a hacker, it is simple to reveal the default password of the manufacturer for the router LogN HN-DR4PG & later use that passkey to access the wireless network. Hence, it is better to modify the administrator passkey for the router HN-DR4PG. After you are deciding on the new passkey, try to choose a complicated sequence of numerals & letters & attempt to prevent using a passkey that can be easily guessed.

LogN HN-DR4PG router MAC Address sorting

MAC sorting lets you restrict access to the router LogN HN-DR4PG. To allow this feature, join in the LogN HN-DR4PG router the twelve-characters MAC ID of all PC that will link to the network. Ensure to revise this info if you remove or add devices.

Stopping Broadcasting SSID in router HN-DR4PG

LogN HN-DR4PG router spreads the network ID Wi-Fi (the supposed SSID) to everybody. This might be altered at will through unchecking the resultant box into the settings. Now the network may not be thus simply hacked. But, as a settlement, you will need to write the SSID each time whenever you attach a device with the network. This move is not compulsory.

filtering MAC Address in router HN-DR4PG

MAC streaming lets you restrict access to router HN-DR4PG. To support this feature, join into the router HN-DR4PG the twelve-characters MAC ID of every PC which connects to the network. Ensure for updating this info if you remove or add devices.

Where to place the LogN HN-DR4PG router into the house

You would not consider this initially, still where you put the LogN HN-DR4PG even has a showing on the security.

Put the router HN-DR4PG as near as possible in the center of your home. The key advantage is that every room inside the home has the same access to the net. The next advantage is that you do not wish to have the signal range wireless reaching excessively outside your home, where it may be simply interrupted by cybercriminals.

Therefore, do not keep the router HN-DR4PG near to a window, as there is nothing to hinder the signal that goes outside your home.

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