is the Ip Address or default gateway which is used by routers as well as modems to login to the admin page If you wish to Login into the Admin Panel of the Wi-Fi Router & is the IP Address, then you are at the correct place. You will obtain a detailed manual for it.

You may modify settings & expand Wi-Fi Range by use of the Login page. Few Wi-Fi Routers such as TP-Link adhere to https://tplinkwifi.net address to access it easily for their users keep in mind the login address than remember the IP Address.


  • Firstly, Installing the Extension on the Browser
  • After Opening the Extension then hit the Login key
  • to get logged in Abide by the Steps 
  • Now Search your Question on the site & abide by the Steps
  • In the event of any problem go to the Contact us Page


  • Login Help & alter passkey
  • How to Increase Wifi Range with Numerous Router Help
  • Make the Router Protected from others.
  • How to Unclog the Wifi Mac Address

Reset the passkey for IP

All you require doing is to reset the modem. This will be easily done by hitting on the reset key at the backward or at the backside of the modem. If you held down this little switch for nearly half a minute, (you might need to use a pin), then the modem can get restored to factory defaults. router resetting

What you require to consider is that after resetting the modem, you can lose the online connectivity. It is hence advised to take assistance from an expert in this view. If you do not have enough evidence, it is suggested that you had better take help from somebody who has that type of know-how.

Accessing Router Settings by the IP Address

If you have ever strived to access else some other IP address of the router into the web browser, you almost certainly know it is impracticable to get far without the proper router passkey. The difficulty is that all routers are different, and there are various default combinations of router login/passkey to attempt.

To login to just stick to the below steps:

  • Access the browser & write inside the URL address box.
  • Input router login/password. Simply verify the list of the default router passkeys If you do not know them.
  • Record router login & password
  • Now you are in the admin panel & may now modify any settings.

There are several routers that use the default IP address192.168.0.1. Go through the list of companies that have published at least one router which uses as the default IP address


one of many personal IP addresses is, which are used by routers to identify themselves over the network. If you own any router that uses this IP address as well as you understand its login plus password, you just input the address in the URL box of the web browser, log in, and modify whichever router settings you desire.

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