Billion Router Login

On several events, you need to access the web interface of the Billion router tool. For more than a decade Billion has been devoted to offering broad networking products for instance broadband routers. The products are planned to allow the access of broadband sharing, voice, videos, & data in the business, home, & everywhere in the world.

You will obtain the combination of IP address, username as well as passkey which are used most generally for Billion routers as the default to retrieve the user interface. Besides, you may see the usual settings of all existing router models through the manufacturer. You just need to choose one of the models.

In several instances, you need to retrieve the web interface of the Billion router gadget. Let’s say if you want to use parental controls, declare restrictions of user bandwidth, or for substituting the modem settings, access to the admin panel is important.

The bulk of Billion routers have admin as default username, admin as default password & the default IP address. While doing a login into the web interface of Billion routers to alter any settings these Billion IDs are required.

Resetting to default password Billion router

If you plan to go back to your Billion router to its factory settings, you must perform the 30-30-30 resetting as below:

  • If your Billion router is turn on, for 30 seconds click &  push the reset knob.
  • But continue holding the reset knob pushed, remove the power of the router & pushing the reset knob for more20 seconds.
  • Whereas continue to hold the reset knob down, power on the unit once more, and push for more than 20 seconds.
  • A billion routers must now be reset to their brand-new factory settings. If the factory reset did not work, investigate the factory reset Billion 30 30 30 guides.
  • Verify that you have adhered to the reset guidelines perfectly as the Billion routers must always return to their factory default settings after resetting.
  • If not, always there is the possibility that your router is harmed &may necessary to be amended or substituted.
  • If you don’t notice the IP address of your router in the list. There are two more methods that you can find the router’s IP address:
  • Either You may adhere to the guide on Finding Your Routers IP Address.
  • Otherwise, you may use the free software known as Router IP Address.

How to login into the setup of Billion Router?

Connect the Billion router to your Laptop/PC using the Ethernet wire. It is suggested using the Ethernet wire for early setup although you have a wireless link to prevent any possible wireless problems.

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Billion Router Setup

Visit the web Browser through internet explorer. Record the default IP Address Billion router in the Address Bar afterwards strike on the enter key.  The default login identifications for each Billion routers are both admins for Username & Password. After entering the accurate login specifics & push ‘Ok’ you will take to the main page of Billion router.

ADSL Wireless Billion’s Router series presents multi-worker office prompter connectivity than standard modem plus traffic management types that allows you basically to tackle your network. The tool specifies trouble-free & prompt access between wireless networks, connected networks & broadband networks in one individual gadget.

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